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A growing aspect of our business is the retail sale of Autogas - also known as Car Gas - throughout South Wales and the South West of England.

We currently have two 24 hour facilities in South Wales - one at our yard in Sully and the other just off the A470 at Cynon Cottages in Abercynon.

We also supply 1tonne LPG "skid units" to many garages for retail sale, as well as to companies with fleet vehicles—please enquire for further details.


• By converting to Autogas you could cut your bills by up to 50%.

• Autogas is better for the environment as it produces less of the harfull emmissions associated with petrol and diesel.

• Autogas vehicles could be eligible for lower rates of Vehicle Excise Duty.

• Some Autogas vehicles could be exempt from the London Congestion Charge, which may soon be introduced to other cities throughout the UK.

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